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Residential Interior Design - Baltimore Maryland and Washington D.C. by top designer Brad Weesner. Calming, unique and timeless interior design.

Residential Interior Design

Calming, Sophisticated and Life Enriching Interior Design

Any room designed by Brad, will be beautiful and timeless.
— Lizanne Kile

"I work in a remarkably personal and human way. You will come to trust me and my team and through this we will deliver a space that is remarkably all about your personality."  We will deliver a space that captures the very spirit of our clients.

Resourcefulness - My firm's relationship with superior tradesmen,  crafts studios, workrooms and the artisans in the Mid-Atlantic region, and experience with the finest vendors such as art galleries, florists, catering companies, allow your complete project to be successfully implemented with the highest professionalism.  Our process is proven and repeatable.  It allows my team to streamline efforts, develop economies of scale, and eliminate errors on our projects. 

Professionalism - Our state-of-the-art software management system provides the platform for our database, operational processes, project management and accounting modules.  Your proposals will have comprehensive descriptions and special details such as pricing and a clear image of your items.

Pricing -  Our firm affords the best pricing because of our relationship as dealer of so many lines of furnishings. We represent the highest quality luxury brands such as;  Alinea, Baker, Hickory Chair, Pearson, Councill, Bolier, Bernhardt, Highland House, Tara Shaw, Visual Comfort, Currey & Co. , Christopher Guy, Reed & Barton, and many other companies. Our direct purchasing power provides greater discounts to our clients.

Process - We quickly assess where a potential client is in the process - from pondering and still learning, to the person who just wants action right now. We match our style of working to our customers’ needs and control the process to meet their goals.  For example, if we need to expedite the timeline, we expedite the intake of style/function.  We glean aesthetics through side conversations, and by presenting images to encourage reactions.  When ordering furniture or working with craftsmen, we make considered choices based upon quick delivery. 

Ultimately, our role is to understand our client’s needs, and become problem solvers and define the story of their space. Our process quickly demonstrates how their home and lives will become better.  It’s important that our clients know that we feel their pressure, and that we are a team looking to create beauty and improve lifestyles.  Operating with leadership and diplomacy while working effectively and efficiently is our forte.