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When Photography and Light are manipulated

I love the use of light in design. I will have several posts to talk about light and new things being done with light in more detail.  For now, just remember the most basic effects of light on film to make a photograph.  Do you recall the books made of many pictures that when you flipped the pages, you had a “movie”??

Below is a link to a movie short using the technique called “tilt shift” photography (here it’s used over 12 hours and thousands of shots around London to create a movie effect). Tilt shifting is cool – it makes the image appear as if real life is a model train set look. Check it out and see what I mean! I think this kind of technology keeps us moving forward in the design world. 

(This Short film was filmed and produced – start to finish – in 12 hours by Matt Gosden and Rob Rackstraw.)