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Beauty Creates Beauty………

This is my company’s motto.  I wholeheartedly believe that beautiful things in your life, surroundings and relationships not only add value, but in fact bring more beautiful things into your life.  Everyone knows that a smile begets a smile.  I stand by the theory that beautiful surroundings in your physical space will truly bring more beauty into your life.

Colors, rooms with feeling, lighting that actually does something, softness, shine, all the textures and senses that a space can fulfil for us, is an amazingly powerful influence on how we live our lives. 

Try to imagine…

Relaxing curves, hand painted scenery and all the pillows offers a setting to allow us to relax, become more open and to ultimately look for more beauty in our lives – through our children, perhaps reading, talking with a friend, considering entertaining or relaxing with a nice glass of wine and savour the day’s events.