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As one of the nation’s top designers for nearly 14 years, Brad creates spaces that capture his client’s personality by combining comfort, functionality and elegance.  His design nuances unite traditional luxury with contemporary edges making him one of the most sought after designers.  Forshew Interior Design produces exquisite spaces for distinguished clients in both the residential and commercial environments.

Brad has worked for several of the largest luxury homebuilders in the mid-Atlantic region.  It was there that he honed his innate ability to work with architects, planners and builders throughout the construction process.  As a result, Brad’s extensive construction knowledge instills trust from both his clients and his contractors.

Additionally, Brad’s 20 years of experience within the luxury hospitality industry has earned him praise for his ability to utilize timeless design elements with memorable accents.  He mixes durable furnishings with extraordinary textures.  With an eye for accessibility and traffic flow, Brad brings a refined aesthetic that is cost effective for the Client.

I worked with Brad during the 2014 Baltimore Symphony Decorator ShowHouse at Silo Point, where he designed the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom. His creativity and eye for elegance made these rooms the most talked about spaces at the Showhouse. Everyone wanted that bedroom! He is a great person to work with. If you’re looking for a sophisticated and livable space, Brad is the designer for you!
— Mary Jo Bianco, Design Chairperson 2014 Baltimore Symphony Decorator Showhouse
Brad cares about everything he touches. He creates classic beautiful spaces with a flair that touches your inner soul.
— Ellen Myers, C.F.R.E. VP of Corporate Development & Chief Development Officer Carroll Hospital Center
Brad Weesner
Beauty creates Beauty – This is my company’s motto. I wholeheartedly believe that beautiful things in your life, surroundings and relationships not only add value, but in fact bring more beautiful things into your life. Everyone knows that a smile begets a smile. I stand by the theory that beautiful surroundings in your physical space will truly bring more beauty into your life.
— Brad Weesner

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